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Offer an out-of-the-box customer loyalty solution for all your clients and increase the value of your product.


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You will use the Uplyft API to track every step in your service (e.g. a transaction). This allows your clients to easily attach a bonus layer to these steps.


With this one simple integration, you can now upsell customer loyalty to all your existing clients and use it as a sales argument for many to come.


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Beispiele unserer Partner für Kundenbindung als “Value added Service”


Verifone bringt Kundenbindung zum Long-Tail

With the integrated Uplyft customer loyalty app on Verifone’s new flagship station Carbon 10, clients can reward their customers in the checkout flow.


Simply-X ermöglicht die Belohnung am Drehkreuz

The loyalty layer on the access control turnstiles allows Simply-X clients to easily offer loyalty points to visitors on festivals, sports games, expos and any other venue.


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