Uplyft Platform Funktionen

Wir sind stolz auf jede Funktion und arbeiten hart daran, Ihnen den besten Service für Kundenbindung zu liefern.


Kurzer Time-to-Market

Your loyalty program will be up in no time. Use one API to reward in multiple currencies.


Schnelle Integration

All that time and money you would spend on custom integrations will be saved by using Uplyft.


Günstige Instandhaltung

Many integrations means taking care of all of them. We’ll do that for you, no sweat.


🔌 Plugins

Plugins allow you to connect your loyalty program to the tools you already use. This opens up hundreds of channels where you can start rewarding in a breeze.

You can also build your own integration and publish it on our plugin store. Want to find out more about which plugins we offer or how to connect to it? Just contact us.


👨‍🔬 Analytics

In order to really understand your customers, you need to crunch some numbers. We’ll give you a helping hand and show you what to focus on.

Run experiments and see the results in real-time. Transparent and all within the Uplyft platform.

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🚀 Uplyft API

Our powerful Uplyft API lets you send events for every action that a customer performs with your brand. You can then decide if you want to reward this event, or simply track it to understand your customer’s behaviour.

Find out everything you need in our API documentation.


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