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Successful loyalty programs built on Uplyft

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For brands

Build a customer loyalty program around your brand

Uplyft enables you to build a unique loyalty program that can be tailored to your needs. Get started right away with plug and play features or go full custom with our powerful API. You can create your branded currency or join the Miles & More network and get access to thousands of users.


For service providers

Add loyalty as a value added service and offer it to your clients

Are you looking for a way to differentiate from your competition? Offer an out-of-the-box loyalty solution to your clients by integrating Uplyft into your service.


Uplyft API

Our event based GraphQL API allows you to reward customers from where ever, whenever you want. In real time. Check out our documentation to get an overview.



Explore your user bahaviour in our advanced analytics tools. Draw the right conclusions and experiment with segments to increase user engagement.



Get access to built-in plugins or develop your own, so that you can use the Uplyft platform as a control center for your customer loyalty program.


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